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PVPest Specialist Division.
“Your Reliable Partner To Eradicate Pest”
Providing Reliable and Quality “ Managed Service “
Enhancing Client Satisfaction Through Continual Improvements in Our Quality Management System
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PVPest Specialist is one of the division under Progress Vantage Sdn. Bhd. The founder of the company has accumulated 20 years experience in the hospitality industry, housekeeping services, property management, pest control and external façade cleaning operations prior setting up this business, the pest control division- “PVPest Specialist”. PVPest Specialist continues to develop safe and environmentally friendly exterminator services and continue to uphold the basic principles of integrity, customer service and satisfaction, quality control, safety and ongoing pest control education. Our experience enables us to provide the best possible service each and every time.
1. Environmental Inspection
2. Facility Layout Analysis
3. Pest Identification
4. Customized Treatment Techniques
5. Sanitation and hygiene Consultations
6. Treatment Strategies
7. Ongoing Monitoring & Maintenance

Our services include the identification & eradication of all household pests. We control infestation and eradicate termites, cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, flies, bed-bugs, rats/rodents & mice, fleas & any pest which are not only a nuisance to mankind but hazardous to health.

We are trained and certified technicians from Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia and equipped with wide experiences and knowledge of all kinds of pest available in Malaysia. You are most welcome to call us for a professional opinion to help solving your problem. Your valuable comments and feedback enable us to upgrade our services and serve you better in the future.

All our quotations and site visits and surveys are free of charge. The damage done by termites or white ants cannot be seen but the time you discover extensive damages has already been done to your properties. At PVPest Specialist , we will design a customized treatment according to your pest problems needs. We emphasize on your health and protecting your properties from pests.

We are proud to offer quick response times and when you need it most. PVPest Specialist provides reliable and professional pest control services for all kinds of pests and insects including:

Termites Inspection and Treatment
Rats/rodents and Mice Control
Ants Control
Cockroaches Control
Mosquito control
Bees Control
Fleas Control
Flies Control
Wasps Control
Bed Bugs Control Θ Birds Control
Mites Control
Weevils and Beetles Control
Millipedes Control
Centipedes Control

The key to PVPest's success is the process we use to determine the most appropriate IPM program and treatment-and-monitoring strategy for each facility. PVPest's technicians follow a seven-step process for each and every client:


Environmental Inspection


Facility Layout Analysis


Pest Identification


Customized Treatment Techniques


Sanitation and Hygiene


Treatment Strategies


Ongoing Monitoring & Maintenance


Effectiveness ( pre-planned schedule )
Efficiency ( cost – wise efficient )
Quality Control
Safety & Health

You are guaranteed a Reliable & Quality job that is done by a team of experience staffs using the most appropriate technique and equipment is timely manner.

Our staffs are fully trained and experienced in the safe and competent use of all cleaning equipments. We constantly review our methodology and procedures to ensure we use the most appropriate and updated technology.

We arrange inspection from time to time to ensure the highest standard of services.

Safety and Health are our main priority when undertaking any work at your premises. Prior to the commencement of any works, we ensure that thorough site specific risk assessments and method statements completed. Facade cleaning can be potentially hazardous but customer can be assured that we are fully compliance with all current safety and health rules and regulations.



Our company’s human resources policy lays particular emphasis on continual improvement. To develop our staff’s professional skills, we organize regular training for all levels of staffs. Ultimately, our objective is to satisfy its customers and to come up to its employee’s aspirations.


To develop and maintain long term partnership with customers based upon mutual benefit, respect and trust.

We deliver exactly what you want and need. We will custom tailor a cleaning service and building maintenance program suit your precise needs, provide detailed proposal for our offering all while working with your budget constraints.